5 Best Bottled Water Brands to Drink in 2019

If you want to ensure a healthy living, then you must be mindful of what you consume. In fact, most people are ditching the sugary and carbonated drinks in favor of bottled drinking water. If you’re a health conscious consumer, you wouldn’t just go for just any type of bottled water in the market. For more insights, we will take you through the 5 best bottled water brands to drink.

1. Evian

Evian got its name from a small town located in the French Alps. The company claims its water is as a result of a geological miracle because the water is harvested from an underground spring. They claim water from this spring is from both rain and snow making the water rich in natural minerals and electrolytes. Its distinct taste coupled with the elegant packaging, Evian is arguably worth every penny of your pocket. 


This natural artesian water has a rich history dating back to 1996 when it began being bottled in Vitu Levu, Yakara Valley. FIJI has made its name mainly in the United States, becoming the most imported bottled water. 
Coming in its iconic square bottle, this soft and smooth-tasting water has a high concentration of cilica which gives it its unique taste. Additionally, it has trace amounts of magnesium and calcium making it the best quality bottled water for you to drink.

3. Voss

Voss Artesian Water was created by two Norwegian entrepreneurs who had a taste for class. Bottled in Southern Norway, the company claims that the water is free of any pollutants because it’s shielded by a thick rock and sand layer. To add on that, the water is extracted from their Nordic homeland’s frigid and crisp aquifers, and is packaged in a classy, designer-savvy tube.
If you think its rugged purity is its only selling point, then you’re very mistaken. Voss designers easily developed its bottle’s look to embody a company brand that values both your health and fashion. Voss is widely distributed in Europe’s and United States’ upscale hotels and retail stores.


It’s no secret that Hildon natural mineral water is the leading prestigious bottled water in the UK. Rumor has it that Hildon natural water is the Queen’s favorite bottled water at Buckingham Palace. If you still doubt its popularity, this water is served at the Royal Opera House and the House of Commons.

Hildon starts out as rainfall before percolating through the Hampshire countryside’s chalk hills. After 50 years, the water emerges beneath Hildon Estate’s underground aquifer. Endowed with high calcium levels, the water is free of any natural pollutants because the chalk acts as a filtration system. The best part is that no chemical treatment is added during the bottling process giving it a well-balanced taste.

5. Volvic

Volvic natural spring water is available in more than 60 countries and is exclusively bottled at its unique French source. The water is sourced from the Clavic Spring which was discovered in 1927. This spring source is supplied by a basin situated in a volcanic region, Old Auvergne Volcanoes. Also, Volvic is harvested at a constant temperature of about 8.8 degrees Celsius and was named after a type of volcanic rock that is gray in color.


Did your favorite bottled water brand appear in our list? Well, these are the best-bottled water brands that we feel are pure and well-balanced enough for your everyday consumption. Feel free to share with us your valuable thoughts in the comment section below.

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