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How to install Fleck Water Softener in your Home

Fleck 5600sxt is arguably the best-selling water softener currently. Fleck water softeners are popularly known for their splendid performance when it comes to removing hard water minerals such as magnesium and calcium. However, do you know how to install this softener? Keep reading as we take you through how to install fleck water softener at your home.

Step #1: The first step towards successfully installing your water softener is cleaning up the area you’d like to position your equipment. This will enable you to easily measure the distance required for the connecting pipes.

Step #2: Be sure to attach the water supply pipe to the inlet and the water heater to the outlet. Also, the area should be level, non-freezing and dry. Make sure the 2 tanks are set up closely with the brine tank (square –shaped) being more accessible of the two. Do not add salt in the brine tank yet.

Step #3:  Now place the resin tank in a place where it can be easily connected to the water line. Furthermore, you should do this because after adding the resin it will be much harder to move it. In the resin tank’s bottom middle, proceed to place the distributor tube.

Cover the distributor tube’s open end using a small piece of tape. This will enable you successfully pour resin into the mineral tank without some going into the distributor tube.

When purchasing your Fleck 5600sxt softener, you’ll be provided with a funnel which you’ll place into the mineral tank to begin pouring the resin inside. Although it’s not easy, pour the scoop slowly into the funnel at the same time making sure the distributor tube is well centered. Note that the beads mostly stick to the funnel’s surface so pouring them slowly is the best option. Once you’ve finished, gently remove the tape from the distributor tube without pulling it upwards.

Step #4: Proceed to screw the control valve/head into the mineral tank. Make sure the large O-ring is well lubricated using even the standard cooking oil.  Ensure that the control valve and the distributor tube are well fitted together before you begin to screw them into each other. Also, never over-tighten the valve.

Step #5: The next step now is to connect the bypass valve to the head or the control valve.  Again, use cooking oil to lubricate the O-rings before installing. Don’t forget never to over-tighten the screws as this might cause leakage. Just use your hands to tighten them snugly.

Step #6: Switch of the main water valve and connect water to and from the softener. The inlet should be attached to the bypass and the arrow should point in. likewise, the outlet’s arrow should point outwards.

Step #7: Set up a drain because of the backwashing cycles and should be 20 feet or less from the softener. Use a small clamp and plastic pipe to hold the tubing and the fitting together. Also make sure your drain line is secure and also allow air-gap between the waste line and the drain line to prevent any possibility of back-siphon.

Step #8: Now connect the controller with the 3/8” O.D. tubing between the salt tank and the valve. Proceed to take off the cap of the white tube located inside the salt tank and then install the overflow.

Step #9: Attach the plastic tubing to the salt tank overflow. Follow this by running to a drain which will have less pressure. However, the backwash drain line should be higher than the drain line.


It’s that simple, isn’t it? If you keenly follow this guide, you won’t have any problems installing the Fleck 5600sxt softener. As always, if you have any questions or suggestions, you can leave it in the comments section below.

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